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Perth structural engineer inspection – a guide to building, pre purchase and structural reports

Are you looking for a structural engineer or a building inspector in Perth?

Our Perth team of highly skilled and qualified structural engineers or registered builders can assist with conducting comprehensive structural and building inspection in Perth, Western Australia. Whether you have concerns about the structural adequacy of an existing structure, planning alterations or extensions, or require a structural inspection report for retrospective council approval, we've got you covered. With a deep understanding of Australian Standards and local council regulations, we can assist with a wide range of structural inspections and engineering services.

At Engineering Plans Australia, we believe that knowledge is power. That's why our detailed inspection reports provide a clear and comprehensive overview of your property's condition. From minor defects, major structural concerns or maintenance requirements, our reports are clear and detailed. We go the extra mile to provide practical recommendations and guidance for remedial work, ensuring the long-term durability of your property.

As structural and civil engineering consultants, we also offer certified engineering plans and drawings for residential and commercial projects. Whether it's for a retaining wall, swimming pool, alternation or any other structure, we can prepare accurate and high-quality engineering documentation.

At Engineering Plans Australia, we understand the importance of prompt and reliable service. Our dedicated team ensures a quick turnaround time without compromising on quality.

Pre purchase structural and timber pest inspections Perth

Our team at Engineering Plans Australia conducts every pre-purchase structural inspection and report for residential or commercial buildings in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007. A pre purchase structural inspection aims to visually assess the condition of the property, identifying minor defects, major defects, major structural issues, and maintenance requirements. The cost of a pre purchase building inspection report is a small investment compared to the value it provides.

The resulting pre purchase building inspection report provides a written account of the property's condition. It highlights significant building defects or problems, such as rising damp, wall movement (cracking), safety hazards, or structural concerns in the roof space. This inspection is typically performed before settlement, allowing Perth buyers to identify issues that, if left unaddressed, could become costly to repair. For projects in Perth, in addition to the pre purchase structural and timber pest inspection report, we offer certified structural engineering and specification on rectifying any identified structural defects.

While a pre-purchase building inspection report offers the opportunity for further negotiation in relation to safety hazards and major structural defects, it's important to note that there may be maintenance activities or defects not covered by the standard REIWA Offer and Acceptance Contract or defects beyond the scope of the Standard (AS4349.1 Pre-purchase inspections for residential buildings). Examples include fence replacement, corrosion in non-structural elements, tile fretting, roof re-pointing, and difficult-to-reach non-structural wall cracking that requires scaffolding.

Checking that balcony balustrades are compliant is an important check during pre purchase structural inspections:

Checking that balcony balustrades are compliant is an important check during pre purchase structural inspections
Checking that balcony balustrades are compliant is an important check during pre purchase structural inspections

At Engineering Plans Australia, we are proud to offer exceptional structural engineering services to homebuyers, placing customer experience at the forefront of our service. Our expertise goes beyond the standard pre-purchase structural or building inspection service. We can assist with various inspections in Perth, including roof structure inspections, assessments of wall cracking, retaining wall inspections, and inspections for retrospective council approvals on unauthorized structures like patios, sheds, and retaining walls.

Our structural inspections in Perth focus on issues that can impact the structural integrity of the building, such as interior walls, roof spaces and frames, exterior walls, piers, columns, posts, and lintels. A pre-purchase building inspection for Perth homebuyers also assesses non-structural elements, such as paving grade, moisture testing of walls adjacent to showers, roof cover, roof penetrations (including gutters, downpipes, and flashings), lintels, insulation, sarking, and more. This provides buyers with a comprehensive understanding of maintenance requirements to extend the durability of non-structural elements.

The average cost for a pre-purchase building inspection report is $495, although it can vary based on factors like scope, location, building age, and size.

Cracking in house walls & concrete floors - structural engineer inspection reports Perth

If you have concerns about cracks appearing in brick walls or concrete floors, it is advisable to engage the services of a structural engineer to conduct a thorough investigation and prepare a structural assessment report. Our Perth team at Engineering Plans Australia, can assist with structural engineering inspections across the Perth Metropolitan Area.

Our primary objective during structural inspections is to identify the root cause of the cracking and determine whether it is of a structural or non-structural. Our experienced structural engineers will also offer guidance on remediation strategies and general repairs. In cases where the structural engineer concludes that the cracking is non-structural, they can provide tailored recommendations for site-specific maintenance to help minimize the occurrence of future cracks in your walls.

For prompt and efficient structural inspections, as well as a range of related structural engineering services, we encourage you to get in touch with the Perth team at Engineering Plans Australia.

Perth retaining wall inspection and structural integrity assessment

Do you require a structural inspection for a retaining wall in Perth? Whether you're planning alterations, extensions, or new structures, or if you have concerns about its structural integrity, we can provide a thorough structural inspection. At Engineering Plans Australia, we have extensive expertise in the engineering design and failure analysis of various types of retaining walls, including limestone retaining walls, concrete panel and post retaining walls, brick retaining walls, and concrete cantilever walls. After conducting our thorough structural inspection, we can offer recommendations for remediation if necessary.

Retaining walls such as panel and post or limestone blocks walls can be structural inspected and retrospectively approved
Retaining walls such as panel and post or limestone blocks walls can be structural inspected and retrospectively approved

If you're seeking a qualified structural engineer for inspecting an existing retaining wall in Perth or to obtain a report for retrospective council approval reach out to the dedicated team at Engineering Plans Australia today.

Structural inspection and certification for unauthorised structures in Perth (for retrospective approval)

If you have recently discovered that a structure such as a brick fence, patio, retaining wall, or shed on your property in Perth was built without the necessary approval from the Council, we can provide you with a solution. Our team of structural engineers can conduct a structural inspection to assess the structural integrity of the existing structure. We will then supply certified engineering documentation that meets the requirements for approval by the Local Council. If any remedial work is deemed necessary, our experienced Perth structural engineers can provide guidance to ensure compliance with the National Construction Code or relevant Australian Standards.

To discuss your specific requirements and receive a quote for a site structural inspection or related engineering services, please reach out to Engineering Plans Australia in Perth.

Engineering Plans Australia - Perth

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