Engineering Plans Australia has developed a range of reinforced concrete swimming pool structural engineering  and details up to 1800mm deep.


About this product

This swimming pool engineering details has been engineered for durability and developed from first principals in accordance with the latest versions of the relevant Australia Standard. Price for certified engineering drawings is specific for each project starting at $650 + GST*.


Using 12mm diameter (Grade 250N) steel reinforcing bars which have been specifically made for domestic concrete swimming pools, this engineering drawing will enable ease of construction as the bars are easy to bend and this means that the pool can be constructed in a wide range of shapes and configurations.


For swimming pool construction the usage of shotcrete is very popular among builders in Australia. The shotcrete option has many advantages including faster installation and also the self-compacting benefit.


Order online

The standard structural engineering drawings for the swimming pool can be purchased on our website and in most cases, the certified detail will be provided in 24 hours. Please provide the site plan and one of our structural engineers will assess if the standard drawing is suitable. If additional engineering is required, for example due to proximity of a sewer line, be will contact the Client and advise of such requirements which may include pile design. Every project will be reviewed by one of our structural engineers and we belive that the structral engineering documentation needs to be customised to suit the specific project requirements. 


Technical specifications for standard concrete swimming pool drawing

Soil Classification: Class A (sand)

Maximum swimming pool depth: 1800mm

Swimming pool construction: steel reinforced concrete

Surcharge allowable: This particular  pool wall is not suitable to be surcharge loaded by any adjacent structure, vehicle access way or retaining walls and it can be used only if all surcharge loads are at least a distance equal to the depth of the pool away at any point.

Pile design if required for protection of water utility services is not included with this product and will be designed specifically for site conditions (additional fees will apply).


The online cost does not incude specific certification required in Queensland and Victoria. We can assist with Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) certification for projects in Brisbane. For projects in Melbourne we can provide certification as we are a Registered Building Practitioner Victoria. For projects in Queensland and Victoria, please send us an online enquiry the site plan and the geotechnical report and we will provide a quotation.


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Concrete Swimming Pool Certified Structural Engineering Drawings