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This versatile type of brick screen wall with the square piers is typically used as a front fence. It can be constructed using face bricks or using clay bricks which can be rendered and painted to match the architectural requirements.

Under the Building Code of Australia, a front fence is a Class 10b structure, screen wall, retaining wall or similar. It is located within the front setback area of a property.


The structural engineering, drawings and construction specification for the brick wall are conducted in accordance with the performance requirements of the National Construction Code and certified by a Chartered Professional Structural Engineer. This product is suitable for wind loading in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Criteria for brick wall design, development and building approval requirements are to be confirmed with the local government authority.


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Order the certified structural engineering drawings online and receive the signed structural engineering drawings within 24 hours. In some cases, it may take longer as we will assess the site plan for impact on existing services or structure.


Technical specifications

Pier Spacing: 2400mm max. centres

Pier Height: 1800mm max

Minimum Pier Dimensions: 350mm x 350mm

Wind Region: A

Footings: engineered to site class ‘A’ in accordance with AS2870


Brick Screen Wall with Square Piers Construction Requirements

We recommend that earthworks and site preparation is conducted in accordance with AS3798 "Guidelines on Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Developments".


Generally, this site preparation involves the removal of all organic material, rubbish, trees/stumps and back fill with clean compacted sand free of any voids.  Place clean compacted sand fill to achieve the specified finished ground Levels. Compact to achieve minimum 7 blows per 300mm using a calibrated sand penetrometer and obtain compaction test certificates prior to pouring footings and retain for quality assurance.


Construct the footings as per the structural footing details. The footing detail recommended requires ongoing maintenance of the site to ensure its structural performance. Refer to CSIRO publication 10-91 “Guide to Home Owners on Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance” for details. These recommendations and footing details provided are based on performance as defined in AS2870. 


Structural engineering certification for other brick wall configurations including retaining walls or constructing the screen wall on top of a limestone retaining wall can be engineered specific to each site.


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Brick Screen Wall with Square Piers - Certified Structural Engineering Drawings