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This type of brick screen wall with the attached piers is typically used as a side or rear boundary fence.


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Order this product online and receive the signed structural engineering details within 24 hours. In most cases certified engineering plans can be provided on the same day. Each project or site location is specifically assessed by one of our engineers to confirm compliance with the wind loading.



Maximum Wall Height: 1800mm

Pier Spacing: 2300mm centres

Minimum Pier Dimensions: 305mm x 90mm

Wind Region: A

Soil Classification: Class A (sand)


Brick Screen Wall with Attached Piers – Structural Specification

  • Total height of of brick wall 1.8m;
  • Attached piers at max 2300 c/c
  • This product is suitable for Wind Region A (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney & Canberra).


Design criteria

  • Dead, live and wind actions in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.1.2002 and AS/NZS 1170.2.2011
  • Wind region ‘A’ (V100 = 41 m/s)
  • Terrain category 3
  • Topographic classification = T1
  • Mt = 1.0, Ms = 0.85
  • Footings to site class ‘A’ in accordance with AS2870.2011


This type of brick screen wall can be engineered to act as a retaining wall up to 750mm. If a higher retaining wall is required, a range of options are available such as cavity filled brick retaining wall, concrete block retaining wall or a limestone retaining wall. If your requirements are different from this standard brick wall, please upload the architectural drawings, site plan and the geotechnical report or site classification in accordance with AS2870 and one of our structural engineers will get in touch with you to explore solutions for your requirements and confirm the cost for the engineering certification specific to your site.


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Brick Screen Wall with Attached Piers - Structural Engineer Certified Details