1800mm High Retaining walls Engineered for Structural Integrity

Limestone Retaining walls are a common type of gravity retaining walls are designed as mass gravity structures, where the weight of the limestone blocks retaining the backfill material in a stable manner. This particular retaining wall is designed for a surcharge of 5 kPa.


The certified structural engineering, drawings, details and construction specification for limestone wall is produced in accordance with the performance requirements of the National Construction Code and certified by a Chartered Professional Structural Engineer. This limestone retaining wall details is designed for sand sites in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. It is important to confirm the development and building approval requirements with the local government authority.


Various other non-standard drawings (for example brick screen wall constructed on top of limestone retaining wall) can be produced to suit particular requirements.


Order Online

This certified structural engineering drawing can be purchased online and in most cases you will received the signed structural engineering details within 24 hours. Each retaining wall application and site plan is specifically assessed by one of our engineers to ensure that existing structures will not be adversely affected. Our team will review and determine if the structural engineering documentation is suitable for the particular site conditions and we always endeavor to provide custom engineering solutions.


Technical Specification

  • This certified engineering details is suitable for a sand site (site Class A in accordance with AS2870);
  • Maximum surcharge loading of 5kPa;
  • Maximum limestone retaining wall heigth of 1800mm;
  • Retaining wall to be constructed using 350x350x1000mm & 240x350x1000mm reconstituted limestone blocks with minimum compressive strength of 5MPa and density of 1500 kg/m3


Retaining wall construction requirements

  • Remove unsuitable organic and deleterious materials from the site;
  • Compact soil base under retaining wall to achieve minimum 7 blows per 300mm for 750mm depth below the bottom of the wall as tested with a Standard Perth Sand Penetrometer or to 95% modified maximum dry density.


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Limestone Retaining Wall - Structural Engineer Certified